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  1. It is with great sadness that I must announce that ReduxRP will be closing its doors for the foreseeable future. Whist we had an amazing start and saw a mass influx of players join the server we had several setbacks from the start some of which are; - Hoover-gate was definitely a big barrier to us gaining new players (if you know, you know...) - Summer holidays are also a tough time to launch a server, as most people had/have holidays, each time we built our player count key people would go on holiday which caused player count to drop drastically - no one wants to leave their old server and start again, or at least start again on a quiet server. Quite often we heard the phrase "i'll be back when its busier". - DLC, just as many people have joined and been kicked for not having the APEX DLC than those who have actually came and played on the sever. Considering there is 468 people in our database, this was a formidable barrier to go against. Whilst for the first 3 weeks we easily held 8-10 players in the evenings this has now dropped to an average of 4 players with the staff being the vast at least 2 of those 4. New players who would be interested in our server stay for a little bit and leave due to the low population as you would expect. There comes a time where you have to tell yourself and/or your team that somethings just not working, and that moment has come. After days of talking it over, Myself and other core members of the server agree a different approach was needed. However this is not us giving up, not in the slightest ! We will be back stronger and better than the ReduxRP you know today. The framework for the server is in a good place with the majority of bugs etc fixed and we know what people want. We also have big plans for the server ourselves. So whats the plan for the future ? We plan to go down for approximately 2 months to allow us to do some large scale changes across the economy and factions which will make us stand out and be unique to other servers. At the same time we will also be advertising, releasing videos showcasing the server and building up potential player count without having to worry about being in-game or make sure people are kept busy. This way when we relaunch, we relaunch with a full community behind us rather than the uphill struggle of building player count from 0/64. The discord will remain open to all but will change over the coming days to reflect the server being offline and back into a development state. So keep an eye on us as we are certainly not done by any stretch of the imagination, we just need to try a different approach. I cannot thank you enough for spending time on our server and passing on all your compliments and ideas for the future. When i first started to make this server I didn't even think we would get this far. The support we've had has been amazing to say the least which is why we're preparing for round 2. We WILL back to see you in September/October time.
  2. As its been nearly a week since our last event we're going to have two this weekend to make up for the lack of them !! Friday night at 8:00pm GMT we're going to do GoKart racing around georgetown and Sunday at 8:30pm GMT will be Taru Jenga. There will be a prize of £50,000 for the winner of the Gokart race, with 2nd and 3rd getting, £30,000 and £15,000 each. The winner of the Taru Jenga will receive £100,000 prize money !
  3. For those that don't already own ARMA 3 apex or know a friend who needs it... https://www.humblebundle.com/games/bohemia-interactive-2019-bundle Approx £9.10 for ARMA 3 + Alex dlc along with a load of other Bohemia content
  4. okay the competition is closed, later today i will launch a poll with the images in for people to vote for their favourite
  5. accepted, i'll add you to our gang tomorrow.
  6. feel free to drop an application
  7. Artyom


    With this update we will see the following added to the Server: All contact DLC Vehicles, - Hemtts Cargo/Flatbed - Offroads Comms/Covered - Tractor Contact DLC Weapons - Promets (standard and Marksman variants) - All AKU and AK12 variants (non underbarrel variants) - MK14 classic Contact DLC Clothing - The tracksuits Other updates: - Ahego Hemtt for donators - medics have rebreather and wetsuit - medic spawn added at police training grounds (medics your big update is still coming i promise, its what i'm currently working on and you wont be dissapointed !) - Sell button added back for cars - Black Market spawn removed - Shipwreck loot updated As per the previous post the missing updates were patches and security updates
  8. ~~~~~~ AUCTION HAS ENDED ~~~~~~ Winners will be contacted tomorrow individually to pay and collect their bids
  9. that looks painful...
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Item: CTRG Stealth Uniform + Helmet SET 5 Bid: 60,000 (buy now) In game Name: Bosmarmot I Confirm I have the funds to pay this  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Artyom


    +1 it is done
  12. Artyom

    Shipreck items

    Dongle is my alt to test the forums
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