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  1. That £50k is all mine!!! mwhhahahaha
  2. Otter


    Good evening all, I am the Chief Medical Officer of this island and I am proud to be doing such role. Saving lives everyday and all that goodness. However the job does tend to be very boring if you Rebels stop trying to kill eachother. As a medic I am a neutral party but for god sake please give us something to do! Moving away from that....I am a proud member of this island and plan to live out the rest of my days here. Remember, the Medical Service is the best job to get into on Tanoa. JOIN NOW! Kind regards,
  3. As Lolihase has mentioned, a dead medic is a uselss medic and obviously the hatchback sport is a difficult vehicle to control at high speed. The hatchback sport is available for Doctors and above I believe, so once you reach that rank you will have access to it. In the mean time the Air Ambulance Service (TAA) should be satisfactory to getting from A to B in a reasonable time.
  4. TMS Public Roster
  5. Otter

    Shipreck items

    I recently took a shipwreck and then logged with the items still in my inventory. The gold bar that I collected, alongside the diamonds, were gone when I logged back on as civilian. This isn't the normal inventory wipe bug as I still had the food items, apples and bacon, that I found.
  6. TAA Uniform to wear when on TAA Duty
  7. To add to Strav saying this would be perfect. Georgetown would be where everyone is taken but the field hospitals could be used for extra spawns. Also some possible vehicles we could have? Jeep ATV (Quad) Mohawk Boats (added when we discuss S&R)
  8. TMS S&R will be proposed in the weekend most likely
  9. Already asked you personally for this, but a spawn at the training grounds. Easy to spawn there for our own training
  10. Medic icons also need sorted
  11. Otter

    Respawn timer

    The paycheck isn't why Medics are medics. Although its a bonus we love being a medic for the RP interaction with players. We can't get this interaction if they keep respawing. Your spreading medics idea, although in theory good, is not. There is not enough civilians and/or cops online at any one time for more than 1 medic online to be needed. And when more than 1 medic is online they tend to stick with eachother as there is less to do at this point in time. This will still be an issue even when the distance counter is fixed because people are impatient. And do not assume we are only thinking from a medic perspective. Most of my medical staff have been on as civlian/rebel on this server and others and know fine well what it's like
  12. Otter

    Respawn timer

    I think the timer should be extended because if you don't want revived, don't press the request ems button. Simple as that. Medics, at this point in time, don't have much to do other than just sit about and wait. When they finally do get a chance to interact with someone who then just respawns it drops their moral and will make them leave medics and possibly the server, or at least go off for that day/extended period. In conclusion, medic timer should be extended upon request to give Medics a chance to arrive and also wait out possible shot timers. I do suggest, however, that it be longer than an extension of 2 minutes. I get people don't want to wait for a long time but they won't have to wait for a long time if the medic has been requested. Secondly, don't request a medic when no medic is online. With the new update obviously the Medics Online bar will be fixed so it will happen less but just be aware that a medic, if one is online, is on their way and will be taking their time. You can't expect for yourself to be number one priority when you go down. Although it may feel like a long time, an extended timer is nothing compared to keeping your gear and not wasting money on another set.
  13. Otter

    Police Auction

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Item: AWS Nyx Recon Bid: £1,650,000 In game Name: Otter I Confirm I have the funds to pay this ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  14. Hello all, To just continue from the previous website we had, I would like to know any and all Event ideas you have for the server! (Not matter how wild your idea is) Simply just state the name of the event, if you have one, alongside a description of what would happen. Thank you in advance for all your suggestions!
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