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  1. "Let's blow up these bastards"
  2. Actioned and compensated by @Artyom. Lock & Load
  3. So, basically for me the option with no gaps looks bad. And I would prefer the bigger gap. What about you? OPTION 1 - GAP OPTION 2 - NO-GAP
  4. Jenga It can sound stupid but it could be fun. Every player will have huron and some time to build vans on eachother the player that will do higher tower out of vans in some time wins
  5. Parkour You set up Vans or find a good place to do sort of race by jumping. I tried it already, it can work.
  6. HenryP


    You dont see it on the screenshot but on that place there is a hospital marker, think it was too dark.
  7. HenryP


    Who else than Otter xd
  8. HenryP

    Respawn timer

    For now the only thing we can do is to give cops working defibs and when there would be no medics they just could revive. (they would not take advantage)
  9. HenryP

    Respawn timer

    Well yeah, after all of that would be fixed I would implement something like give first help and it would slow the bleeding.
  10. HenryP


    I don't know how long would it be but I think it could be fun.
  11. HenryP

    Respawn timer

    Is it good idea of implementing that when we need better bleedout system anyways? And the huge problem here is that you see one medic online all the times, if people would see acual number no one would bleed out if there would be medic on. Now its just "I will wait a coupe of seconds and if nothing will happen I will just bleed out".
  12. Do you like the new emojis? The old one were ripping my eyes. , , , Its kinda like discord emoji's
  13. I don't know if I remember everything coretly, edit if needed. Prices - Manage prices and add full nightvision on aviator glasses Problem with restrain - we must to restreain in order to see licenses etc. add request to see licences and these things Icons - our icons are f*cked
  14. Depends, when I want fucking Big Mac I go MC, but when I want twister or fucking strips I go KFC.
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