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  • Welcome to ReduxRP, before you head in game please read these rules thoroughly to ensure you have the best game play possible without fear of getting penalised.

    At ReduxRP we are lenient when it comes to applying punishments as rules can be broken by mistake and we operate a system to allow people a chance to learn from their mistakes. This does not mean rule breakers go unpunished however...

    For minor offences players can expect kicks/warnings if they are obvious mistakes with a low impact on other players game play 

    For more serious offences player can expect a temporary or permanent ban. Temporary bans are removed from our records after 6 month of "clean" game play, i.e. the offender has had no further bans. A reformed player will not have past transgressions held against them.

    Any ban less than 3 days CANNOT be appealed as it is a minor offence and the ban is short.

    Bans between 3 and 21 days can be appealed after 48 hours of the ban being applied.

    Bans greater than 1 month (30 days) cannot be appealed within the first 7 days of the ban

    Permanent and community bans cannot be appealed as they are reserved for the most serious rule breaks such as hacking, duping or glitching. 

    When appealing a ban ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse, if anything using this excuse will go against you. Our Admins are not here to ban people, bans are a series of last resorts to ensure that our community remains happy and can continue to grow without a negative influence. Our Admins are always happy to talk to people about their bans and how best to rectify the situation.  The rules are here to ensure everyone can have the best game play possible, not to make life hard. 

    ReduxRP is an adult community, this does not mean you have to be over 18 to play however a certain level of maturity and respect is expected from all members. Disputes should be handled in a respectful manner, speak as you wish to be spoken to. 

    If you are just here to kill people, cause drama/arguments you won't be stay for long. Staff at ReduxRP work tirelessly to ensure our server has the highest standards of roleplay and fun. 

    As mentioned ensure you read the rules and understand them, but most importantly enjoy your time on the server and have fun !


    General Rules
    1.1      English - You must understand and speak basic English

    1.2      Bugs and Exploits - Upon finding bugs/exploits, report them, do not exploit them. Any use of a bug or exploit will result in a permanent unappealable ban.

    1.3      Hot Mic - Do not 'Hot Mic' (be in constant use of your microphone)

    1.4      Advertising - Advertising is not allowed

    1.5      Discrimination* - There is a zero-tolerance policy on racism, bullying, discrimination and being offensive to anyone in general.

    1.6      Swearing* - Swearing with malicious intent is not tolerated

    1.7      Aggression* - Threats, aggression or any other kind of harassment, towards any member of the community will not be tolerated.

    *ReduxRP is an adult community, unfortunately from time to time we slip up and say something we shouldn’t. You won't be banned for saying a small indiscretion in the heat of the moment. However should this situation arise, apologise. What is not tolerated under any circumstance is a direct attack upon a person.

    1.8      Disruptive to the community - Admins have the ability to ban any member of the community from our servers if they feel they are being disruptive to the community. This can also be applied to a gang under a blanket ban.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    1.9      Common Sense – Due to the nature of Arma 3, the Life mod and roleplaying in general not ever situation or outcome will be covered within the rules. You must apply common sense to what you are doing.

    1.10    False information - Providing false details about yourself (e.g. a false age to circumvent any age limits) when applying for white listed factions is a punishable offence.

    1.11    Duplicity - You cannot intentionally get someone else in bother with Admins because of personal vengeance.

    1.12    Scripts, Cheats and Hacks - Using any form of game enhancement script, cheat or hack will result in a permanent unappealable ban.

    1.13    Ban Evasion – When a ban is applied it is to the person not to the account. Circumnavigating a ban by any method (playing on  another account or playing on a friends PC) will result in a permanent ban.

    1.14   Trolling – Trolling ruins peoples roleplay and fun, if you are deemed to be trolling you will receive a ban. Use of soundboards and/or voice changers also come under this rule.

    Server Rules
    2.1      Money Transfers - In the case you are given a large amount of money, you must collate evidence on how you got it. This will be most likely be flagged by our anti- hack software and you will be questioned.

    2.2      Player names - Your player name must be in English with no symbols. It cannot be offensive either; for example having the name  “Adolf Hitler” will result in you being kicked until you change your name.

    2.3      Vehicle crashes - If vehicles crash into each other resulting in one or both being disabled, this does not give either party permission to initiate/rob/kill or arrest the other person. Vehicles are to be repaired and carry on with their journey. If either party then wishes to start a chase resulting from the crash this is acceptable. Police who witness a crash between two vehicles are free to undertake their duties on either party.

    2.4      Side chat – Side chat is not there for arguments, threatening to ban/report someone, call an admin or spamming. It should only be used to ask for help or request a player to join a support channel.

    2.5      Soft Logging / Teleporting – Logging off the server to avoid a roleplay scenario is deemed as soft logging and is a bannable  offense. Similarly logging off the server and back in within 5 minutes is classed as teleporting as it can give an in game advantage, i.e. logging off on the east side of the map and logging back in on the west to avoid travelling. If for some reason you log out and back in within a 5 minute period contact an admin explaining why you did so otherwise you may be deemed as teleporting.

    2.6      Two wrongs do not make a right – Someone breaking the rules does not give you permission to also break the rules. Report them to an admin, any losses occurred to a rule break will be compensated. The only exception to this rule is a situation where you need to value your life, i.e. if someone RDMs you, you may fight back without initiation to ensure your survival.

    2.7      Playing music – Whilst you might love your music tastes others will not. Do not play music openly in public spaces without prior permission from Senior Admins.

    2.8      VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch is using a vehicle as a weapon. examples are, but limited to,running someone over, intentionally exploding a vehicle to cause loss of life, ramming another vehicle or sling loading to cause explosions. MRAPs and APCs are excluded from this rule. Prior initiation must be obtained before ramming MRAPs / APCs unless in the Red Zone. A chase lasting longer than 3 minutes classes is classed as tire initiation, this will be classed as one way initiation. The person inside the vehicle is allowed to shoot back once their tyres have been shot. Once they have shot back full initation is given to everyone.

    2.9      RDM - Random Deathmatch is killing someone or shooting them without prior initiation. This rule also extends to giving players enough times to comply to your demands.  “Shouting hands up, hands up or I'll shoot, then instantly opening without giving them to react is classed as RDM. Consider players may be shocked and may take slightly longer to press the correct buttons or may be new to the server and not know where they are.

    2.10    Spawn Island - Players are not permitted to visit spawn island. Visiting spawn island will result in a 24 hour ban. Robbing/killing any players on spawn island will be classed as power gaming and will result in a permanent ban.

    2.11    Combat Spawning/Storing - If you are in an active situation you are not permitted to store/pull vehicles from the garage. This applies to storing money in the atms. Police are not permitted to impound vehicles during an active situation.

    2.12    Server Mechanic Abuse - Using an exploit such as looting dead bodies or abusing the flip vehicle command.

    2.13    Currency Trading -  In game currency is never to be traded for real life money or services otherwise the server may be classed as a  commercial entity and also fall foul of Bohemia Interactive's Terms of Service. You may donate money however. If you are making a significant donation, please inform an admin prior to transferring the money as it will flag in the money logs and could lead to an accidental  ban.

    2.14    Medics - Medics are not to be killed, robbed, shot at, receive any forms of aggression, or have their equipment/vehicles stolen or seized. They provide a valuable service to the server and need to be treated with the respect they deserve. Any form of aggression or crime against the medic will result in a ban.  

    2.15    Green Zone Aviation - No forms of aviation are to be lower than 400m within a green zone, to ensure the noise of their engines do not disturb roleplay. Players who fly lower than 400m may have their vehicles deleted.

    2.16    Roleplay - This is a roleplay server, at all times you must stay in character. If you need to break roleplay you may type in direct chat with “//” before your message. You may also speak out of character IF an admin is in their Tron Suit and gives you permisson.

    2.17    Microphones - Players must have a working and clear microphone at all times whilst on the server. Players who have a poor level of quality or lack a working microphone will be kicked from the server until they rectify the situation.

    2.18    Seizing Communications - When you have your communications seized you may not use external communication platforms such as discord, TeamSpeak etc. When you are in restraints you MUST broadcast all communications ingame as well as your private  communication platforms.

    2.19    Contentious Roleplay - Some players may take offense of certain roleplay situations, if you are asked to stop roleplaying in a certain fashion out of character, change your roleplay style to suit this. This does not mean someone who doesn't enjoy the current roleplay situation can't tell you to stop, it is reserved for more specific situations like, rape, facism etc…

    2.20    Baiting - Baiting police or civilians into combat purely for the sake of combat is not acceptable. For example, 10 full geared rebels robbing a petrol station with 7.62mm and full armour would be classed as baiting. You are not robbing the petrol station for money or roleplay.

    2.21    Name Tags - By default Arma 3 shows peoples name tags unless they are wearing masks, you may not identify civilians or rebels by their name tags, you must find out their name by ingame methods such as asking them or checking IDs etc. Police and medics may be identified by looking at their tags however as their uniform can be deemed to have their rank and name on.         

    2.22    MetaGaming - You are not to use any real life information to give yourself an advantage over other players in the game. Examples of this are looking in Discord channels to see whos online and what type of channel they are in, watching a stream to ascertain the streams location or house location etc.

    2.23    New life rule - When you die you die, no memories are taken forwards into your next life. You may not remember anything that has happened in your previous life. This includes active vehicle locations, robbery locations, where you died, etc. When you die, you will see a 10-minute timer appear on the left hand side of your screen. If you are seen within 1.5km of your death location you will be in breach of NLR. NLR does not apply if you are RDM’d,  VDM’d or die due to a hacker or glitch. When you are downed and revived you may remember everything and carry on as before.

    2.24    Green Zones - The Green zones are designated safe spaces to allow people a safe haven to roleplay or relax. In these areas you may not commit crimes such as murder, robberies, theft, breaking and entry, grand theft auto or hostage taking. You may not camp the borders of the greenzone to wait for victims to leave either.  

    2.25    Orange Zone - Orange Zones are areas which provide police officers protection for spawning, training and undertaking their duties. In an orange zone police  officers may Taze onsight (TOS) anyone who enters without permission.Within an orange zone anyone who is not a police officer must initiate a per general server rules. Combat may start within the orange zone but officers cannot flee from combat into the orange zone.

    2.26    Yellow Zones - Yellow Zones are situated at the airport and air garages to allow players to safely pull their helicopters from the garage as well as purchase them. Whilst in a Yellow zone, the zone ONLY provides the protection that you cannot be initiated  upon or have your AIR Vehicle stolen. All other server rules apply here.

    2.27    Red Zone - All server rules apply here other than the RDM rule. The red zone is a kill on site zone, you do not need any reason or roleplay to kill someone. You may not bring a hostage into the redzone. Both the Shooter and the victim must be within the redzone (the shooter must ensure the victim is within the redzone, stating “I thought he was” is not a good enough reason and the combat will be classed as RDM. iF combat within the redzone, leaves the redzone, the kill on sight principle still applies to the parties involved until 5 minutes atfer the last shot has been fired. You do not have KOS on anyone other than the people you were in combat with within the redzone.

    2.28    Cop Baiting - When messaging police it must be for help only and not to lure them into combat or adverse role play situations. 

     Initiation Rules
    3.1      Initiation- Initiations must be carried out with high quality, simply saying “put your hands up or you will be shot” is classed as a low quality of roleplay. You must  have a gun    and be visible when initiating. Initating from behind cover will be classed as a fail initiation. Several attempts of low quality initiations may lead to a ban under RDM or Fail RP.  Executing a player must also be carried  out to a high quality of roleplay unless the attacker and victim are both in active combat with each other. Victims must remember to listen for a clear COMMAND and THREAT TO THEIR LIFE before defending themselves if they choose to do so. i.e, "Okay buddy, I really want your truck, get those hands up or i’ll have to open fire."  OR “Right lad, I've been watching you doing runs for ages, you better hand that cash over, hands up this is a robbery. Your money or your life.” After 3 minutes of the last shot being fired, initiation is over.

    3.2     Hostage Taking -  When taking hostages you must engage in high quality roleplay. Kidnapping someone and then not talking to them until the situation has finished will be    classed as Fail RP. Throughout the entire situation the hostages must be interacted with. If a hostage has not been spoken to within 5 minutes by their kidnappers they may log off unless there is an active fire fight between the kidnappers and another party. Further to this gangs may not take their own members hostage. 

    *when you take someone hostage you are removing their gameplay options which may ultimately lead to an incredibly boring game play session being stood in the corner whilst people undertake their situation. Whilst this rule seems harsh it is to ensure all members of the server have an enjoyable play time.*

    3.3     Police Sirens -  Police Sirens do not count as initiation.                                                                                                                                                                                           

    3.4     Value of life -  You must value your life at all times, failure to do so can lead to a ban. examples such as doing a 180 when someone initiates on your from behind. You do not have unnatural super speed in real life, nor do you have them on the server.                                                                                                                                                           

    3.5     Mobile Phone System -  You are not permitted to use the Mobile System to message police or civilians or gangs to initiate on them. Initiation must be done face to face.         

    3.6     Warning shots -  When initiating on helicopters 3 unsuppressed shots must be fired across the front and back of the helicopter. The helicopter then has two choices, land and initiate or fly away. After warning shots are fired the helicopter must be given chance to fly away. If it proceeds to land the initiator/s may open fire on the helicopter. In addition to this, only the people with the helicopter are initiated upon, this supersedes the gang initiation rule. Gang members on the ground must separately initiate or be shot upon before engaging.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    3.7     Gang Initiation -  When in a gang, initiation on some is the same as initiating upon the entire gang. Similarly, when initiating on a person in a gang you are initiating upon the entire gang.

    Tanoa Police Department Rules
    4.1      Communications - On Duty Police members MUST be in a patrol channels at all times of their active gameplay. If you are to go AFK for more than 5 minutes leave the patrol channel.

    4.2      Police Equipment -  Police vehicles, clothing and items are expressly for Police use and Police use only. Abuse of Police equipment or vehicles will result in blacklisting from all factions permanently. During hostage situations with high levels of roleplay, Police equipment may be handed out in lieu of money subject to the Police Handbook Guidelines.

    4.3      Tasers - Police may only use tasers in the Green Zone or where they have a significant advantage, i.e. a lone gunman with a pistol vs 3 police man. For one on one encounters tasers may not be used on players with any weapon other than pistols. During Bank robberies or Federal Reserve situations Tasers are not permitted to be used.

    4.4      Executions -  Police are not to execute players under no circumstances whatsoever. A police officer executing a civilian, rebel or police officer is classed as RDM.

    4.5      PCSOs - PCSOs are Police in training and may not be taken hostage under any circumstance. If a PCSO is taken hostage they must clearly inform players inside chat they are breaking rules. If the hostage takers do not acknowledge this message and release the PCSO,the PCSO may log off to leave the situation. 

    4.6      Negotiations - When an officer is acting as negotiator, they may not be killed or taken hostage. After negotiations have been called off they must be allowed to retreat to safety and re-arm.

    4.7      Preferential Treatment - Police are not to give friends or gang members any preferential treatment, such as letting people off with crimes, providing information or removing crimes form the database.

    4.8      Armed Helicopters -  Armed Helicopters must provide a clear AOB to any airborne vehicles before opening fire.

    4.9      Armed Marshall -  The Marshall may only used on MRAPs and APCs and shots MUST be aimed at the wheels after clear initiation has been given. Shooting drivers or passengers will be classed as RDM.

    4.10    Bank/Fed Limits -  Police may not log off once a Bank or Federal Reserve situation has started as if the police numbers drop below certain values neither can be robbed and situations are forcefully stopped by server mechanics.

    4.11    Calling Members Online -  Police may not call other police members online to assist in a situation once it has started. i.e, once a bank situation has started you can't message your friends to join in .

    4.12    Joining Situations - Unless you were logged on before a situation has started you are not permitted to take part. You must undertake your normal duties and ignore the situation in question.

    4.13    Federal Reserve- Police will always send in a negotiator when the federal reserve is robbed. Rebels MUST interact with the negotiator by undertaking negotiations or informing them negotiations are cancelled.

    4.14    Blasting Charge - Once the blasting charge has been planted negotiations are called off. After 15 seconds of the blasting charge being planted, rebels and police actively involved in the situation are initiated on each other. This initiation lasts until 5 minutes after the last shot has been fired and/or the rebels leave the federal reserve compound.

    4.15    Spike Strips -  Spike strips may only be used after 3 minutes of a police chase or prior initiation.


    Tanoa Medical Services Rules
    5.1      Preferential Treatment - Medics are an impartial unbiased faction who are not to take sides. At no point should a medic focus primarily on one group or faction. Similarly, medics must not prioritise friends or gang members. 

    5.2      Combat Reviving - Medics must wait 4 minutes after the last shot of a combat situation has been fired before they are able to approach the situation and revive downed players. If more shots are fired the 4 minute timer is reset and medics must immediately leave the area.   

    5.3      Medic Equipment -  Medic vehicles, clothing and items are expressly for Medic use and Medic use only. Abuse of Medic equipment or vehicles will result in blacklisting from all factions permanently.


    Forum Rules
    6.1      Forum Commenting - Player disputes, ban appeals and compensation requests are not to be commented upon by any members of  the community that are not directly involved in the case (excluding Admins).

    6.2      Avatars/Names - Having a controversial forum name or avatar will lead to you receiving a warning. If the avatar/name in question has not been changed you may have your account deleted.

    6.3      Contentious Threads - Creating a thread simply to cause drama, arguments or general disruption may lead to removal from the forums.           

    Staff Rules
    7.1      Rules- All rules apply to staff members. Only in exceptional circumstances may staff leads override server rules. If you feel you have been part of a situation where a member of staff has abused their position directly contact a Staff lead.

    7.2      Information -  Unless given direct permission to do by a Staff Lead, Staff are not to disclose any information relating to future updates, ongoing cases or server procedures.   

    7.3      Abuse of power -  Staff are not to spawn,money, teleport, use their in-game powers etc, to gain any ingame advantage for themselves or their friends. A staff member who is involved in a situation,directly or indirectly, may NOT lead a player dispute/report as there may be a conflict of interest. This applies for a staff being part of a gang member or friends support case unless they are directly involved, i.e they are the person report and the victim.

    7.4      Requesting Admins -  At no point should players request an admin of their choice. Do no private message an admin to come deal with your support case, you will be processed by who sees you waiting in the support channels. 

    7.5      Tron Suits -  If you see an Admin in game with a Tron Suit, ignore them. Do not try to interact with them in any shape or from. If an admin is wearing a Tron Suit they are dealing with a situation and do not need disturbing. This rule also applies for players who are directly involved with the admin in a “Tron Suit”. Do not rob, murder, intitiate or interfere with their vehicles/items.  

    7.6      Staff Decisions - The staff have the final say in all situations, if you disagree with a staff member's decision you may bring it to the attention of a Staff Lead.

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