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With this update we will see the following added to the Server:

All contact DLC Vehicles,

- Hemtts Cargo/Flatbed

- Offroads Comms/Covered

- Tractor 

Contact DLC Weapons

- Promets (standard and Marksman variants)

- All AKU and AK12 variants (non underbarrel variants)

- MK14 classic

Contact DLC Clothing 

- The tracksuits 


Other updates:

- Ahego Hemtt for donators

- medics have rebreather and wetsuit

- medic spawn added at police training grounds

(medics your big update is still coming i promise, its what i'm currently working on and you wont be dissapointed !)

- Sell button added back for cars 

- Black Market spawn removed 

- Shipwreck loot updated


As per the previous post the missing updates were patches and security updates 🙂


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